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Rereading the mind. Unbiased discovery of neural correlates of behavior

Date Published :Apr 13, 2018

We are looking for an outstanding and highly motivated candidate with solid background in machine learning and interested in brain function.

We aim to discover new ways in which brain activity generates behavior. We will depart from traditional approaches in neuroscience in two ways: studying natural spontaneous behavior—as opposed to guided and restricted—and analyzing brain signals with a naive unbiased approach.

Our group is leader in automatic quantitative monitoring of spontaneous rat behavior and brain activity. We want you to join our team if you a) find the prospect of developing new approaches to reading minds fascinating; b) have a strong background in modern machine learning methods and c) are willing to spend time with us in Natal, Brazil, where our lab is located. Neither a background in neuroscience nor previous experience in research in academic institutions is strictly required. The position is flexible, such that candidates could plan their research with us as a postdoctoral stay, part of a thesis or freelance.

Our project is supported by the prestigious Serrapilheira award. One year of funding is guaranteed, starting early 2018, and chances for extension of stipends is strong following good performance of the candidate.

If interested, please write in English, Spanish or Portuguese to diego@neuro.ufrn.br with subject “People search 2018”, including a CV. There is no deadline, but selection will close when we find our person!

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Diego A. Laplagne, Ph.D.

Group leader, Behavioral Neurophysiology Lab – Brain Institute, UFRN.

Date start: Apr 13, 2018

Data end: May 30, 2018

Web site: http://neuro.ufrn.br/opportunities/24

Rereading the mind. Unbiased discovery of neural correlates of behavior

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