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Tarciso André Ferreira Velho

Tarciso André Ferreira Velho

Professor, Brain Institute - Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN)
Laboratory: Neurogenetics
Lattes: http://lattes.cnpq.br/8194534389725093
E-mail: velhot@neuro.ufrn.br
Areas of interest:

Possui graduação em Ciências Biológicas pela Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul(1996), mestrado em Biotecnologia pela Universidade de Caxias do Sul(2000), doutorado em Doutorado em Neurociencia pela Oregon Health and Science University(2008) e pós-doutorado pela Massachusetts Institute of Technology(2010). Tem experiência na área de Biologia Geral, com ênfase em Neurobiologia.

My laboratory is interested in understanding the genetic basis of vocal learning. We focus on the process by which songbirds acquire their vocalizations, a process analogous to the acquisition of speech in humans. To solve this issue, we have developed new technologies to generate transgenic birds. These genetically modified animals allow us to investigate the contribution of genes to the formation and functioning of the circuits involved in learning and vocal production. In addition, we have also studied the homeostatic mechanisms involved in the maintenance of stereotyped motor memories. To answer these and other questions, we use a combination of acute and chronic genetic manipulations to disrupt the activity of individual neurons or entire regions of the brain, along with imaging of calcium in behaving animals, and detailed behavioral analyzes of vocal signals.

Rereading the mind. Unbiased discovery of neural correlates of behavior

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